The exhibition presents “sensitive” objects taken from the production of Lucanian craftsmen, makers and designers who are the protagonists of Fucina Madre, the Basilicata Tourist Board’s territorial promotion project that interprets the “landscape” of craftsmanship and design as a precious tourist-cultural resource, and identifies the “artisans” as true animators of widespread beauty, in the name of culture and creativity.

The exhibition has the declared intention of presenting an original body of objects, with an idiomatic and multisensory expressiveness, inspired by the materials, colours and landscapes of Basilicata. At the same time, the exhibition project intends to strengthen the dialogue between the forms and signs of different territories and traditions, such as those represented by Venice, Palermo and Basilicata, which share a widespread presence of productive realities and projects of contemporary creativity developed starting from the enhancement of ancient knowledge but with an eye open to innovation and an original interpretation of contemporary taste.

On show

  • Luca Colacicco, Matera 2019 Collection: Wooden stools and chairs
  • Arcangelo Gabriele D’Alessandro, Caciocavallo desk lamp
  • Biagio Lamberti, Arid e Rain, lamps in Calanchi clay
  • Milena L’Annunziata, Sculptures to wear
  • Claudia Pentasuglia, Rude ceramics: piatti
  • Giustina Piglia, Majolica bottles
  • Maria Teresa Quinto, Memé, steam lamps
  • Bernadette Scalcione, Lesser maple magic: bag, "casette" notebooks
  • Tommaso Schiuma, Crocchio wooden pliers, Matrix bread stamp, Ciocco piggy bank
  • Damiana Spoto, Pochette Bosco incantato blu and Cuscino aromaterapico
  • Giusi Villano, Aromatic papier mâché lamps
  • Manuela Telesca, Trame collection
  • Antonella Torre, Aragonese collection*
* Only in Palermo


A project by APT Basilicata in collaboration with Venice Design Week and I-design Palermo

9 – 17 October 2021
Venice, InGallery Galleria di Santa Eufemia

29 October – 7 November
Palermo, ex Convento della Magione